Dec 07, 2023
Setting up Rogaine Orienteering
Dec 14, 2023
Partners Welcome
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Christmas Function & Last Rotary Night of the Year
Dec 14, 2023
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Update on a Review of our Accounting Systems
As your Treasurer, I have learnt a lot over the last 12 months about our Rotary accounts and after discussion with our Directors last week, we have decided to look at making a few changes.
The first one is to upgrade the accounting package that we use - from Cashbook Complete to Xero.  Cashbook is somewhat outdated now and I work with Xero for 2 other organisations and I know that it is a very popular package.  It will definitely save time and it seems prudent to use something familiar for everyone.
Also, my knowledge of running Charitable Trusts is very limited - and I know that there are changes being reviewed by Government in this area so I have made contact this week with Findex management seeking their support to help change over our systems and also advise on any training available to maintain Charitable Trust accounts.  I have also asked if they are able to offer discounted services for our Rotary Club as I feel we need to have current, professional annual peer review of our accounts in general.  So far we have relied on the accounting backgrounds of various Rotarians and Friends to peer review our Trust account, in particular, each year but that resource is quite limited now so we need to look at other options.
Lastly, I am proposing a change to the way we charge Meals at our Thursday night meetings.  Currently we have a mixture of Cash and Charge members - Cash, of course, is great but the Charge procedure is a little complicated and involves invoicing in advanced and then crediting refunds from the past .... so I am proposing that we move to invoicing members, in arrears, each month to be paid by Direct Debit monthly - ie members will give Rotary authority to process the charge directly from their accounts on the 20th of the following month.  It will give you all nearly 3 weeks to check your invoice and advise if you have any issues before the money is direct debited.
I seem to have spent a lot of time over the last year creating and chasing accounts so this seems an obvious way to streamline the process and save precious, voluntary time.  I think the proposal will save time - for everyone.
Anyway, once I have further updates, I will let you all know but if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.
Please take note of our BIG NIGHT of the year, being “Change-Over”.
It is Thursday 9th June. We are working on a theme and more details so once we have them finalized we will let you know.
Drinks are at 6pm with dinner at 7pm. Craig has a great night organised..
This is partners night so we are looking forward to seeing you all there.. 
The Team for 2022 - 2023
Rotary 2022/23
Do you know where the money raised at Rotary ends up? Do you know what goes in behind the scenes? Craig is looking for people to give back to Rotary by giving one of our Director roles a go or if approached by Craig please consider giving something a go. This is a great way to find the answer to these questions and others. If interested please contact Craig McMurtrie and make a difference. A reminder that the Rotary Club of Fiordland is a service club. The club helps us as Rotarians as we provide service. Rotary helps us with organisation, personal development and public speaking to name a few.
Service Projects
If anyone has a service project they think may suit Rotary could they please get in contact Craig McMurtrie 021 249 7775. It will be great to hear some ideas!
This note is being sent to all members as a reminder of their obligations when unable to attend a meeting.
A reminder of the process for lodging an apology:
1) All apologies are to be lodged by 9 am on the prior Wednesday
2) Send an email/Phone The Club  (249 7113)
3) Send an email to Treasurer Jane  (021 024 00344)
4) Send an email to President Craig  (021 249 7775)
5) If scheduled for a duty, please arrange a substitute, and advise President Craig
PLEASE NOTE: As the roster has been drawn up so as everybody gets an equal share, if you arrange a substitute, try and swap with another person with the same duty perhaps the following week.
PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you let President Craig know who that substitute is.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend to your Duty please arrange a substitute, many don't check the roster and miss their obligation and this puts pressure on other members and creates confusion. . 
Your assistance to this simple process will assist us and The Club to operate effectively.
The following people have been allocated to duties for the next few weeks.
Please note that if your name is listed here it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement for your duty if you are not going to be available.
You must also inform President Don McFarlane  (027 437 7279) if you have swapped so that he can be properly prepared for the meeting.
ROTARY DUTY ROSTER                   
Rotary Duty Roster – 23 November to 21 December
  23/Nov 30/Nov 07/Dec 14/Dec  
Door Mark Peter  John Christmas  
Organiser Jim Jeff Margaret    Party  
Visitor Host Jane Sharyn Marie    
Raffle Merv Keith T Bill    
Grace Lynley Lionel Chris    
Mini Talk Sandra Ray Linda    
Intro Speaker Sue Alan Russell    
Thank Speaker Shayne Glenda Craig    
Parting Thought Robynne Gareth Doug R    
If your appointed duty doesn’t suit you, please swap with another person
          with that same duty and notify the President of that change.