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Progressive Membership Duties for our Club
An idea on how best to manage our Club's affairs by way of progressing members through a rotation of Club Director Memberships and then moving on to become President Elect, President, Past President.
When I was at the Melbourne World Rotary Convention back in late May this year, I met a member of a club from South Carolina, USA.  He told me that in their Club, when members are accepted, it is on the basis that part of becoming a Rotary Member is that they will progressively move through all duties within their Club after a couple of years of membership and continue to rotate all positions as and when required.
I found this idea so simple and completely agree that becoming a member of a Rotary Club doesn't just mean coming along to meetings, socialising and doing all the good stuff, it also requires a commitment to stand up and take on all the duties within the Club as well.
Joining a Rotary Club is also about mentoring our members to become better speakers, to help them learn new skills and to enjoy personal growth, all with the full support of other Club members.  
I personally have really appreciated the fact that I need to stand up and talk to everyone, something I was very wary of when I first joined but as time has passed, I now feel quite comfortable getting up and talking in front of everyone - and this is something I believe we need to foster more of in our Club.
We have several members who unfortunately are not keen to speak, but this is one area of personal growth that all members need to embrace.
So may I suggest that we discuss a plan to implement a rotation of all members through the Director roles, onto the President Elect, President and Past President.  Of course, most members have already done this, maybe even more than once, but just because you have done it before, doesn't mean you won't need to do it again.
From my experience, I would have much preferred to have carried out all the roles of each Directorship before getting into the Presidential circuit (3years) because it was a very daunting time not having the experience of what the Club does to really make the most of being President. 
To that end, we are now in a situation where we have no President Elect, which means we have no President for next year, and I know that lots of members have been approached but wouldn't it be much fairer to all concerned, that we have a better forward planning structure in place for the future?  A plan where everyone knows that it is expected to become a Director on a regular basis and becoming President is a requirement of members, not an option.
Food for thought, everyone.
Presidents Report October 2023

It’s the Sunday morning of Labour Weekend and as a write this report I have one last little job on the Chip van before it has its first outing following the refurbishment. It’s looking amazing both inside and out, with a huge thankyou to all the Rotarians who contributed to this project. It would however be remiss of me if I didn’t acknowledge the contribution that Doug Ridley has made on many days over the last couple of months to see this project to completion. Thankyou Doug.

We have made a small change to the speakers roster and we will be meeting this week as we have a speaker who will challenge our emotions and perspective on life. Dan Griffin is on a crusade to prolong his life for as long as he can so he can spend valuable time with his young family. If you would like more information before Thursday, then have a read of the article in the Southland Times.

We have decided to put our auction night back by a week to the 24th of November, so please get stuck in this week and help Sandra and her team to pull together a great list of items to auction.

For those of you who weren’t present at last weeks meeting, Brian presented a discussion document on behalf of the directors regarding how and when we meet, the frequency and the cost of meals which have gone up to $25 effective this week. The document is included in this bulletin.
A couple of members have expressed a concern that we should not be moving away from weekly meetings, however this is a discussion document for all members, and nothing will be confirmed until everyone has had their say.

There may not be much of a change in the leaderboard with the vast majority going NZ & SA but there are a couple hoping to jump a few places on the ladder. Still 12 points available next week with 4 for the Three vs Four and 8 for the Final.

See you Thursday
Regards Don
Admin Report
Google calender is being set up kindly by Kendra which will be able to be viewed by all members. 
The admin team are working on some really exciting out visits. Nothing confirmed yet, work in progress
You will see RYLA flyer in the trader soon and on the Te Anau Community Facebook page.
Rotary Youth Leadership Scheme
Rotary Youth Leadership Scheme
Two RYLA camps will be held in our district early next year. Details as follows:
- RYLA Christchurch
  o 14 to 18 Jan 24
  o 18 to 25 year olds
- RYLA Queenstown
  o 28 Jan to 2 Feb 2024
  o 20 to 30 year olds
- Cost: $1,150 per person for both camps
Last year, in spite of intensive advertising and lobbying local businesses, we failed to find a
suitable candidate. The advertising campaign will be extended this year, but we also need
to look to our own friends and family for suitable candidates. For example:
-  Do you know anyone at University or Polytechnic who might benefit?
-   What about the best of the apprentices in local businesses?
-   Do we have local schoolteachers who need to take the next step towards head of
    department or even principal status?
-   What about someone between jobs who seems to be drifting with no real sense of
Leadership/management training of this calibre would cost up to $5,000 per day in the
commercial personal development sector. We are offering it free, yet we struggle to find
I need the help of all Club members in improving this situation. If you know of any potential
candidates, please let me have their contact details as soon as possible.
Youth Chair
Chip Van Update
The floor is nearly ready for the top layer of plywood to be followed by the Vinyl.
Almost all the current signage has been removed ready for Craig to wrap the outside.
Russell and Don have water blasted the roof and it is now ready for sealing and painting, a
big thanks to Doug Ridley for organizing the manufacturing of the corner brackets for the
roof and his work on the floor. Pete Robertson has offered to organize the painting of the
roof. Pete also has the necessary materials on hand to pack the legs of the vats to an even
Te Anau Plumbing are going to test run the new vat and arrange for an extra outlet for it
and check the regulator capacity during the first few days in October.
Steve has a till that has a push button release for opening and is going to look at the wiring
and lights this coming weekend.
A big thankyou to the two Doug’s, Chris, Ray, Lionel & Russell for their work to date.
Theres still quite a bit to do as we count down to a Safety Briefing and Test Run on the 19 th
of October.
 Paint Roof
 Paint Frame Steel
 Finish Floor
 Sort Wiring
 Final Clean Vats
 Sort through Bins
 Install Joinery
 Install Vats
 Stock Fridge
 Final Clean and Polish
 Electrical WOF
 Warrant & Register
 Signage
Chip Van Signage
As reported the Chip Van refurbishment is under way. I have attached a conept for the Chip Van wrap.
If anyone has any changes, ideas or sugguestions then please let me know.
Sale of Rotary Community Phone Books at Market Days
We still have a few boxes of our phone book to sell and the idea of having a stand at Community Markets would be a great place to sell them.
We just need a volunteer or two, to organise and then head along and look after the sales table on the day(s) - please talk to Don if you are able to help.
We can use the Club flags from the Chip Van at the market days and I'm sure there will be a Rotary banner in the stand that could be used as well.
Committee Lists for 2023 - 2024
A new Committee list for the Club has been created, a copy of which put on the Rotary stand at The Club.
We had our first informal meeting of those present last week and some great ideas were discussed and a plan to create a Calendar of Events for the next 12 months is already under way.
So if you have any ideas for meeting speakers, outnights or social events for us to head away to, please talk to either Pete or Jeff.
President Elect Vacancy
As reported by Don, we have so far been unable to secure a President Elect for the coming year.
We have asked many members, and we do have a few lined up for the future, but we don't have PE this year or President for the Year 2024/25.
Members are asked to seriously consider their availability to support our Club - this will ultimately put more pressure on Don for the coming year if we don't find someone, and going into 2024/25 without a President will be extremely challenging.
We also require 3 Segeants. PLEASE HELP US OUT.
Please contact Don if anyone is able to help out and put their hand up to support the Club in the next couple of years.
The Team for the ensuing year

The Team for 2023 - 2024

           President – Don McFarlane
           President Elect – STILL NEEDED
           Past President – Craig McMurtrie
           Secretary – Kendra Young
           Treasurer – Jane Grant
           Club Admin – Sandra Macnamara
           Foundation Chair – Keith Cullen
           Membership Chair – Robynne Peacock
           Community Project Chair – Doug Dennison
           Youth Chair – Brian McCandless
Public Relations Chair – Sandra Macnamara
Bulletin – Craig McMurtrie
Sergeant at Arms - Shayne Mercer
Sergeant at Arms - Bill Verrall
Sergeant at Arms - Doug Dennison
Historian – Steve Schlaadt
This note is being sent to all members as a reminder of their obligations when unable to attend a meeting.
A reminder of the process for lodging an apology:
1) All apologies are to be lodged by 9 am on the prior Wednesday
2) Send an email/Phone The Club  (249 7113)
3) Send an email to Treasurer Jane      (021 024 00344)
4) Send an email to President Don (027 437 7279)
5) If scheduled for a duty, please arrange a substitute, and advise President Don
PLEASE NOTE: As the roster has been drawn up so as everybody gets an equal share, if you arrange a substitute, try and swap with another person with the same duty perhaps the following week.
PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you let President Don know who that substitute is.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend to your Duty please arrange a substitute, many don't check the roster and miss their obligation and this puts pressure on other members and creates confusion. . 
Your assistance to this simple process will assist us and The Club to operate effectively.
The following people have been allocated to duties for the next few weeks.
Please note that if your name is listed here it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement for your duty if you are not going to be available.
You must also inform President Don McFarlane  (027 437 7279) if you have swapped so that he can be properly prepared for the meeting.
ROTARY DUTY ROSTER                   
Rotary Duty Roster – 15 February to 14 March
  15/Feb 22/Feb 29/Feb 07/Mar 14/Mar
Door Sue Brian Alan Russell Lloyd
Organiser Keith C Shayne Glenda Craig Sue
Visitor Host Doug D Robynne Gareth Doug R Keith C
Raffle Mark Peter  John Steve Doug D
Grace Jim Jeff David Margaret Mark
Mini Talk Jane Sharyn Marie Jill Jim
Intro Speaker Merv Keith T Sarah Bill Merv
Thank Speaker Lynley Lionel Chris Richard Lynley
Parting Thought Sandra Ray Linda Kendra Sandra
If your appointed duty doesn’t suit you, please swap with another person
          with that same duty and notify the President of that change.