Jun 13, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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Presidents Report
Greetings fellow Rotarians and a big thank you to past president Craig for holding the fort while I
was away in Australia. I presided over my first meeting last Thursday night and we had some open
and frank discussions in our committee’s which set the parameters for some of this year’s goals.
More to come on these in our committee reports and in following weeks.
On Friday the 14 th six members and their partners had an enjoyable trip to Invercargill for the
Invercargill Musical Theatre’s production of Jersey Boys. Perhaps a slow start but in the end a quality
performance from some very talented people.
This week we have Annie Pilcher Gough speaking to us on their five year, round the world sailing trip
from Riverton and return in 2015 to 2020, and on the 27 th we have John Lambeth speaking to us
about the Auckland Islands trip and their miracle survival. This will be a “Partners Night”.
We continue to look for a President Elect for this year to take the reigns in 2024-25 so if you think
you may be able to fill this role, please give me a call or speak to one of our fellow directors.
We continue to look for interesting speakers so if you have heard anyone lately or even know
someone who has a great tale to tell then get in touch.
On a sadder note, our deepest sympathies to Brian and family on the death of Yvonne. Whilst I
didn’t know her, it was clear from the way Brian and Robin spoke that she was a talented and
wonderful lady.
Look forward to catching up with you all as you return from the winter sojourns over the next few
weeks. Regards Don
Directors Access to Clubrunner
I have finally figured out how to get members, especially Directors and Committee Convenors, access to Clubrunner, which is a great way of sending emails to Committee groups and contributing Director reports to the Bulletin each month.
This access will make it so much easier to communicate meetings, catchups, progress reports on everything we are planning to do this year.
I will now endeavor to catch up with the relevant members to organise access and some training.
Treasurer Jane
Administration / Social Director Report
Very positive meeting, Jane brought lots of ideas to the table for out nights and social events, here are a few:
Shed Night
Progressive Dinner
Lunch Run to Brunel Peaks Café
Master Chef Night
Small Bore Shooting
Grandparents nigh – bowls and burgers
Out night picnic in the park
Discussed the need to diary some dates – the first one is the BBQ after Christmas break which will be 25th January at Jane and Dave Grants. Will also lock in Auction, Christmas Party and Spud night soon.
Discussed the possibility of having Lou Vincent (NZ Cricketer) as a speaker for Corporate Dinner.
There is quite a bit of interest in the community to see the FWF movie that was on show during their recent Winter Weekend.  We talked about doing this as a fundraiser, Don will make contact with Kim Hollows to see if this a possibility.
Kendra  (in Sandra's absence)
Service Director Report
The service committee spent some time discussing the merits of upgrading the Chip Van.
There was some discussion regarding the possibility of securing a new van but the cost of
this was going to be prohibitive. It was agreed to get costings for a full refurbishment of the
current van by the end of July, noting that the first outing for the van will be at Labour
The committee noted that there was still work to do to complete the Wharf project and the
Planet project. Doug to talk to Peter Robertson about both of these.
Sale of Rotary Community Phone Books at Market Days
We still have a few boxes of our phone book to sell and the idea of having a stand at Community Markets would be a great place to sell them.
We just need a volunteer or two, to organise and then head along and look after the sales table on the day(s) - please talk to Don if you are able to help.
We can use the Club flags from the Chip Van at the market days and I'm sure there will be a Rotary banner in the stand that could be used as well.
Committee Lists for 2023 - 2024
A new Committee list for the Club has been created, a copy of which put on the Rotary stand at The Club.
We had our first informal meeting of those present last week and some great ideas were discussed and a plan to create a Calendar of Events for the next 12 months is already under way.
So if you have any ideas for meeting speakers, outnights or social events for us to head away to, please talk to either Pete or Jeff.
President Elect Vacancy
As reported by Don, we have so far been unable to secure a President Elect for the coming year.
We have asked many members, and we do have a few lined up for the future, but we don't have PE this year or President for the Year 2024/25.
Members are asked to seriously consider their availability to support our Club - this will ultimately put more pressure on Don for the coming year if we don't find someone, and going into 2024/25 without a President will be extremely challenging.
We also require 3 Segeants. PLEASE HELP US OUT.
Please contact Don if anyone is able to help out and put their hand up to support the Club in the next couple of years.
The Team for the ensuing year

The Team for 2023 - 2024

           President – Don McFarlane
           President Elect – STILL NEEDED
           Past President – Craig McMurtrie
           Secretary – Kendra Young
           Treasurer – Jane Grant
           Club Admin – Sandra Macnamara
           Foundation Chair – Keith Cullen
           Membership Chair – Robynne Peacock
           Community Project Chair – Doug Dennison
           Youth Chair – Brian McCandless
Public Relations Chair – Sandra Macnamara
Bulletin – Craig McMurtrie
Sergeant at Arms - Shayne Mercer
Sergeant at Arms - Bill Verrall
Sergeant at Arms - Doug Dennison
Historian – Steve Schlaadt
This note is being sent to all members as a reminder of their obligations when unable to attend a meeting.
A reminder of the process for lodging an apology:
1) All apologies are to be lodged by 9 am on the prior Wednesday
2) Send an email/Phone The Club  (249 7113)
3) Send an email to Treasurer Jane      (021 024 00344)
4) Send an email to President Don (027 437 7279)
5) If scheduled for a duty, please arrange a substitute, and advise President Don
PLEASE NOTE: As the roster has been drawn up so as everybody gets an equal share, if you arrange a substitute, try and swap with another person with the same duty perhaps the following week.
PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you let President Don know who that substitute is.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend to your Duty please arrange a substitute, many don't check the roster and miss their obligation and this puts pressure on other members and creates confusion. . 
Your assistance to this simple process will assist us and The Club to operate effectively.
The following people have been allocated to duties for the next few weeks.
Please note that if your name is listed here it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement for your duty if you are not going to be available.
You must also inform President Don McFarlane  (027 437 7279) if you have swapped so that he can be properly prepared for the meeting.
Rotary Duty Roster – 18 April to 16 May
  18/Apr 25/Apr 02/May 09/May 16/May
Door Gareth Jill Merv Ray Doug R
Organiser John Bill Lynley Alan Steve
Visitor Host David Richard Sandra Brad Margaret
Raffle Marie Kendra Linda Gareth Jill
Grace Chris Brad Shayne John Bill
Mini Talk Linda Chris Robynne David Richard
Intro Speaker Russell Merv Peter  Marie Kendra
Thank Speaker Craig Sue Jeff Chris Brad
Parting Thought Doug R Doug D Sharyn Linda Angela
If your appointed duty doesn’t suit you, please swap with another person
          with that same duty and notify the President of that change.